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July 17, 2014

Differences between whey and casein – both available as protein shakes

Whey protein vs. Casein Protein – differences

The proteins we eat daily are the sources of energy through which, we lust everyday’s works and tasks precisely. In chemical words, it’s the thing that provides the essential amino acids and groups in our body which helps to process and end up with ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate). There are loads of carbohydrate foods around us like wheat, milk, fish, meat, eggs, vegetables, seeds etc. Among all the these aside us, milk is one of the most important ones, which are loved not only by children but also old aged persons.

Whey and casein are the 2 major protein types in milk. The basic difference in these two typed proteins is that- whey is the fast digesting protein whereas casein is the slow digesting one. However, there are some other factors to take into account in order to get acquainted with these two better.

Protein syntheses fact: whey protein is ahead-

WHEY PROTEIN SHAKESWhey digests literally fast. Therefore, it gets emptied in human stomach quite after few seconds of intake. This promotes extra secretion of plasma amino acids in muscles where it reaches and therefore, increases the transient protein syntheses reaction. This is one of the major actions whey protein are in where casein doesn’t even deal anything with it due to the time taken for digestion and emptying the stomach.

Protein balance: casein protein is the one here-

Casein is a very slow yet steady digesting one in milk. Due to copious amount of it present in milk in accordance to slow digestion process, it steadily releases necessary amount of amino acids into the human blood circulation. This, in turn, provides the extra amount of energy needed to different points of human body and keeps the protein level at equilibrium.

For ultimate result: whey and casein intake is the best-

Whey and casein protein both are of different category in operation yet they both are best for the ideal result. Surveys have proved through practical observations that, whey and casein intake not only deters energy breakdown in human body, but also fills the gaps of energy in human immune system. A regular intake of 40 gram carbohydrate and 4 gram protein mixed with whey and casein for a period of at least 10 months will prove to result perfect internal body structure with strong endurance quality. For athletes and people who are used with daily laborious tasks; especially for daily workers, this is a very short yet successful way to proceed.