Think thrice before you Twitter: Edelman senior exec didn’t…

Strumpette delights in gaffs by the large mainstream PR firms. It’s latest delight is about Steve Rubel, SVP at Edelman who recently posted on his Twitter account:  “…PC Mag is another. I have a free sub but it goes in the trash...

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Jim Louderback, Editor in Chief of PC Magazine was not amused and wrote a column headlined: Boycott Edelman, or would that be over reacting?

I did a quick search through my recent email, and found that over the past few weeks Edelman staff pitched me about news and new products from Palm, MarkMonitor, Mozilla/Firefox, Microsoft (hardware and Xbox),, Vulcan Flipstart and Dash Navigation.

Heck, they even pitched me yesterday on the release of Adobe’s new Creative Suite 3, which has to be relevant to at least some of the 11 million folks we reach across our magazine, web and video properties each month.

And then I realized that this was probably just the callous act of a rogue Edelman exec, and it didn’t necessarily reflect the views of the rest of the company.

Still, it made me wonder. And in the future, if I’m on the fence, I’ll probably be somewhat less inclined to take a meeting with one of Edelman’s clients.

Steve Rubel apologized:

I learned a valuable lesson. Post too fast without providing context and it can elicit an unintended response. While the item is true, it does not reflect my full media consumption habits. I subscribe to PC Mag RSS feeds and have linked to several of your publication’s online articles over the three years I have been writing this blog.

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My thanks to Mr Rubel for helping to define one of the new rules of communications in this many-media world: think thrice before you Twitter(!)